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Genome Project Solutions, Inc., is no longer in operation and much of the contents on this website are out of date.

For further information, please contact:

Jeffrey Boore, Ph.D., at jboore at



Will your favorite genome be sequenced?

And, if so, how will this data be translated into meaningful biology?

Genome Project Solutions, Inc. can help with planning genomics projects, preparing proposals, and contracting for sequencing and other genomics services. We can perform follow-on analyses, such as sequence assembly, gene annotation, SNP detection, biochemical pathway reconstruction, protein structure and localization analysis, whole genome evolutionary analysis, and gene colinearity mapping. Although we occasionally find collaborators with funds in hand, we start most projects by partnering with a team for a proposal without any charges with the expectation that our costs for informatic analysis will be part of the proposal budget.

Projects completed or underway include sequencing and multiple forms of analysis of whole prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes, ESTs and full-length cDNAs, large insert clones, organelle genomes, viruses, random samples from the environment, and directed "finishing" for gap closure.

Genome Project Solutions, Inc. operates without profit as an independent research organization. Our mission is to conduct leading-edge genomics research, to build custom bioinformatics tools, especially for addressing gene function and large-scale evolutionary patterns, and to inform and educate scientists and the public about genome science.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Jeffrey L. Boore, Ph.D.

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