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Explanation of the "Cluster and Compare Page"

Trees can be displayed as rooted or unrooted and as cladograms or phylograms

There is a link to (1) each of the sequences in this cluster in fasta format, (2) the Details Page for each gene, (3) the Synteny Viewer that will show this gene as a single red box in the middle of a span, where the target genomes can be chosen, and (4) the multiple sequence alignment for the genes in this cluster.

The distance score shown is of the seed for this cluster, i.e., the closest pairwise distance score between any ingroup and outgroup gene. The phylogenetic relationships of the genes in this cluster are shown in both Newick (i.e., parenthetical) annotation and as a tree. Note that all gene names begin with a tree-letter code that identifies the species, in the form where Pin indicates P. infestans, Tps indicates T. pseudonana, etc.