Jeffrey L. Boore            

Contact Information

Address:    Genome Project Solutions, Inc., 1024 Promenade Street, Hercules, CA 94547 (GPS)
        OR:   Dept of Integrative Biology, 3060 Valley Life Sciences Building, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 (UCB)

Phone:      1-877-867-0146 (GPS)

E-mail: (GPS), (UCB)

Web:         Website at Genome Project Solutions or Website at UC Berkeley


•  B.S., Biology, Pennsylvania State University, 1980
•  M.S., Biology, University of Michigan, 1988
•  Ph.D., Biology, University of Michigan, 1992
•  NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, 1992-1996

Current Position

•  Chief Executive Officer of Genome Project Solutions
•  Adjunct (Full) Professor, University of California, Berkeley
•  Guest researcher, DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Scientific Career Highlights

•  As Head of Comparative Genomics, led the transition of the JGI from a human genome sequencing center to a comparative genomics institute
•  Led the development of the $20 million/year “JGI Community Sequencing Program” providing genomic data to the scientific community through peer review
•  Have overseen numerous whole genome sequencing projects
•  Have overseen activities of $60 million/year as a member of JGI Senior Management Committee
•  Led 22 programs funded through competitive grant applications totaling over $12 million
•  Have supervised 31 long-term researchers and 30 guest researchers
•  Led the development of the “PHRINGE” (“Phylogenetic Resources for Interpreting Genomes”) database, an advanced analysis tool for interpreting patterns of genome evolution and for inferring gene function
•  Developed databases and tools for analyzing and annotating organelle genomes
•  Made significant contributions to understanding the genome duplications at the base of the vertebrates, the evolutionary transfer of genes among intracellular compartments, modes of genome rearrangement, recognizing regulatory elements in DNA sequences, using genome-level characters for reconstructing evolutionary relationships, understanding the effects of various genome processes on DNA sequence evolution, and reconstructing the evolutionary relationships at the deepest levels among major groups of animals, plants, and protists

Scientific Publications and Presentations

•  More than 110 professional, peer reviewed scientific publications and more than 250 professional presentations

Professional Experience and Service

•  Advisory Panel to Chancellor of Louisiana State University and Pennington Biomedical Research Center on their Genomics and Bioinformatics Programs
•  NSF Advisory Panel for the Assembling the Tree of Life Program

•  Member of the Genome Standards Consortium
•  “eGenomics” Panel, European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), Hinxton, United Kingdom

•  Advisor to the National Science Foundation for establishing their “Protist Genomics” and “Tree of Life” initiatives
•  Advisor to the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center on database development
•  NIH Study Section on “Assays and Methods Development”
•  Advisor to the All Species Foundation
•  Councilor of the Society of Systematic Biology
•  Editorial Board for Genome Letters
•  Steering Committee for UC Berkeley’s “New Academic Initiatives”
•  Berkeley Lab Institutional Biosafety Committee
•  Numerous academic search committees and student dissertation and exam committees
•  Executive Committee for Bay Area Biosystematists

Broad Research Experience in:

•  Techniques and concepts of cell, molecular, and developmental biology
•  Large scale genomics techniques, including the use of robots in a high throughput environment and an integrated work flow system for project tracking and quality control
•  Assembly, annotation, and analysis of genomic sequence
•  Databases and software for analyzing and comparing genomes and visualizing the results
•  Concepts and techniques of evolutionary genomics
•  Phylogenetic analysis of gene rearrangements and of DNA and amino acid sequences

Military Service:  Lieutenant Colonel (retired) — USAF and ANG (May 1980-Aug 2000)


•  Nuclear Missile Site Commander
•  Missile Launch Officer Instructor
•  Aviator of the F-4 Phantom fighter in its role as an air defense interceptor
•  F-4 Squadron Tactics Officer
•  Officer-in-Charge of F-16 Fighter Aircraft Maintenance
•  C-130 Chief Navigator

Other highlights

•  Graduated Flight Schools winning the Commander's Trophy, Outstanding Officer Trophy, and Top Gun Award
•  Distinguished Graduate Award from six Air Force schools
•  Top Secret security clearance
•  Have supervised as many as 100 people with budgets over $20 million/year

Management Training

•  18 credit hours in management and leadership theory, Penn State University (1976-1980)
•  Air Force Officers’ Leadership and Management Seminar Program, McConnell AFB (1982-1984)
•  Squadron Officers’ School (1982-1984) and Air Command and Staff College (1995-1997), each courses in communication, management theory, and political science considered to be the equivalent of a Master’s degree
•  “Scientific Management at the National Labs”, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, 40 classroom hours (2000)
•  “Leadership and Management Principles”, Berkeley National Lab, 50 classroom hours (2002)

Legal Consulting Experience

•  Expert witness in four murder cases regarding the forensic use of DNA evidence